How To Established An Easy Home PC Networking Using Wireless Router


Are you going to set up easy and practical computers network at home which is linked to the Internet? Then the suitable solution is to use wi-fi technology. Furthermore, it is supported by broad range availability of wifi networking equipments available on the market at less expensive prices. Here are several steps on how to setup a home network using a router.

Someone that begins utilizing the wireless router typically come upon the problem of configuring and correctly setting up the router. However, this had been made simple with simplified instructions.

Necessary equipment that we require is wifi router. Wifi router is going to be used to link one PC to another PC or connect a laptop to another laptop without using networking wires. If your personal computer does not have wireless network interface, then you certainly should obtain this equipment. This equipment is often known as wireless network card or usb wifi dongle. Purchase wireless usb dongle for your personal computer simply because this component is really practical. You simply place it in the usb port therefore you will not need to open the personal computer box. While almost all notebooks already have wifi interface internally.

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Let's have a look at wifi router. There are actually three models available on the market:

1. Wifi router with ADSL modem

2. Wifi router with a 3G modem

3. Wifi router without a modem

In the event you already have a modem, a 3G modem or ADSL modem, then you just buy wifi router without a modem that is relatively affordable for about 30 USD. Whereas the wifi router with modem typically have higher price that is in the range of 40 - 50 USD.

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Next, we set up the personal computer with Windows XP operating system (otherwise you may use a different os). Firstly turn on the wireless router and every personal computer that you use in this private network.

TL-WDR3600 is a Combined BAND router that provides 2. 4GHz and 5GHz with 600Mbps total of bandwidth this means you have two routers in one. It will help to those who have many users that stream a lot of HD movies at the same time, and to those office that have a small network.

Connection to the wifi router:

1. Connect the usb wireless dongle in every Computer (if your PC has no wireless network interface)

2. Then start the "Control Panel" application or menu in the Windows XP operating-system.

3. Simply click the icon of "Network Connection"

4. After that select the menu "View Available Wireless Networks" in the right click menu of "Wifi Network Connection"

5. And then find the name of the wi-fi networks used by wifi routers you just switch on and simply wait until "Connected" statement appears

Network set up:

1. Dual click on the "Network Setup Wizard" in the "Control Panel" of Windows XP

2. Then just click "Next" a couple of times until text message "This personal computer connects to the Internet throughout a residential gateway or through another personal computer on my network" shows up on the screen and hit "Next"

3. Then fill out the Computer Name, Personal computer Description and Computer Group and click "Next"

4. Next, choose "Turn on file and printer sharing" and click "Next"

5. Wait a moment and choose "Just finish the wizard. I do not require to run the wizard on other computers" then click on "Next"

As soon as you do all the above stage, try to start a command prompt and launch "ipconfig" command to see whether your PC obtain an ip address or not. If you achieve an ip address then you are successful on setting up a home network using a router.

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